Volunteering for Family Fun Friday


Contact Wendy Laverty in our church office and inform her of your desire to help with Family Fun Friday. Email at office@berachahchurch.org


Attend the August 25 meeting after the church service in the Higher Grounds Cafe lounge.


Please read the Family Fun Friday proposal, pray over this and let us know how you would like to volunteer by September 1, 2019.


Invite friends and families to attend our first session on September 27 at 7pm.

Family Fun Fridays is a Berachah designed curriculum to foster Family Fun, Family Bible growth and interaction. Our goal is to encourage the family to grow together with God's word.

Our goal this year is to introduce these families to understanding what we believe.

Family Fun Fridays

September         The Word of God

October              What Does Bible Teach about God?

November          Who is the Holy Spirit?

December          Who is Jesus Christ?

January 2020     What did Jesus teach?

February             What did Jesus Do?

March                The Resurrection

April                   What Bible teaches about Sin

May                    What Bible teaches about Church

June                   What Bible teaches about Family

July                    Vacation Bible School

August               Vacation Break - no activities

We need volunteers that are committed to make this a wonderful time for families. Please be sure to contact Wendy Laverty and attend as many of the events as possible.

It's Fun to Volunteer!

We Need:

Every position that requires more than one person is intended to be a position that will be alternated. We wish to build redundancy into the team so no one person has to be present every week for every event. So if we all volunteer and take on a position we may only be required to serve once a month.

*  3 people with Education background to help fill out curriculum

*  At least 2 people to serve as Master of Ceremonies (both don't have to serve at same time)

*  2-3 Bible teachers to take turns teaching the lessons (meant to alternate)

*  2 people to lead arts & crafts and activities

*  2 people to lead games

*  Crew Leaders: People willing to take teams around and follow schedule.

*  2-3 people to help with snacks and treats

Technically, we can pull this off with 6-9 different volunteers per night. Can we count on you?

More Info on Program

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