• Pastor Emilio Marrero


Genesis 2:7 tells us "Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being."

Perceiving that God personally formed Adam and then "breathed" the breath of life into his nostrils helps us to understand that God did more than merely animate Adam, but he bestowed him with a part of God that made Adam a living being. A living being that is described formerly in Genesis 1:27 as having been "made in the image of God." This helps us embrace the Judeo-Christian principle that humanity was created differently from the rest of creation and thus holds a sanctity about it.

Human life is more than mere animation. Human life is a temple that houses God's breath along with its sanctity & eternity. For this reason, we must be careful not to devalue it, to defame it or deconstruct its profound nature. This breath is eternal in that it does not cease to exist, it lives on even after the body, Ecclesiastes 12:7 proclaims "the dust returns to the ground from which it came, and the spirit returns to God who gave it."

The value of human life is clearly pronounced in the Bible as we learn early on that only God has the authority to establish it and call it to its end.

So what do we do with this understanding?

Do we ignore the spirit within us that is of God and allow it to rest dormant deep within us as we live in a temporal or physical existence? Do we recognize it in any way and allow it to shape us, to draw us closer to God and to grant us understanding of the reality we live in?

I can't help but think how much better so many of us would be if we embraced the true nature of this spirit breathed within us by God. This new year could be a new time of understanding, of relationships, of achievement if we simply allowed the spirit of God in us to guide us in accordance with His will.

This year stop ignoring the Spirit of God in you and let it guide you through the word of God. 2 Timothy 3:16 informs us that all scripture is also "God breathed and useful for instruction." Wouldn't it be amazing to allow the God breathed word of God designed to guide us to connect with the God breathed spirit inside of you to connect and allow you to begin to experience and see the world as God intended?

In the same fashion, recognize that the God breathed spirit in you is also in all of the people around you. They too long to connect with the God breathed word and it is up to us to guide one another to our true nature. If you recognize that the Spirit of God is in others you would dare not see them as imbeciles, fools or enemies. Instead you would pursue to understand and love them for who they are.

In January, many Christian organizations come together to honor life. To proclaim that unborn children also possess this spirit, to remember that all humans are God breathed regardless of what country they may stem from, and to celebrate life by caring for life. Join them this month by beginning with your own and then care for all of life around you.

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