• Pastor Emilio Marrero


If I ask you to describe God to me, how would you begin to achieve that task? Would you begin by describing the indescribable? Would you begin to construct ideas that portray greatness, absolute power, and transcendence?

Truth be told, we cant describe God. As a matter of fact, I contend that if you begin to construct any concepts or descriptive of God from mere imagination to try and conceive the greatness of God you will inherently minimize God to your thoughts and in turn sin by creating God in your own image or understanding. God can not be conceived by the human mind no more than any artificial intelligence would be able to conceive of the complexity of humanity.

God as creator exceeds all of our abilities to comprehend the Creator. The Bible teaches that when we are out of relationship with God, God is inconceivable to us. Paul states this in a different way in Ephesians 2:1 when he states, “we are dead in our transgressions and sin.” By this I mean that we are not in any relationship with God and in turn consideration of God, obedience to God, or even thought of God is nonexistent to those lost in their sin.

Yet the very glory of God is that while we are lost in our sin and in our world God pursues us with love. The way in which God does this is by revealing Himself to us. God is not something we discover or inadvertently find or something we conjure in our spirit. The reason why we become aware of God’s presence is because God reveals Himself to His creation.

This is why the word of God in the Bible is so important. It is through the history of Israel, the history of the church and through the revelation of divine truth in the Bible where God reveals Himself. Through the Bible we come to discover God. Its not like we stumble upon Him but he reveals Himself the way we reveal ourselves to one another in relationship.

The only way we come to discover God is via our embracing the Bible and trusting it with faith. In that faith journey our eyes are opened and we begin to see glimpses of who God is. It is true that God is incomprehensible as we try to absorb the totality of God, but it is also true that God reveals aspects of Himself in scripture that helps us to shape, understand and relate to God in our own context.

Take time to read a few scriptures like: Genesis 1:1, Genesis 17:2-13, Exodus 3:1-14, John 4:24, 2 John 4:8, Revelations 22:13, and John 3:16. These texts will give you a glimpse of what God has revealed about Himself in the Bible and thus help us shape how we understand and see God.

God is not a construct of the unreal, He is a revelation of the very truth.

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