Pastoral Search Candidate

Berachah Church is continuing its Pastoral Search process in spite of our delays due to social distancing. The church building will continue to be closed while the church will continue to gather "virtually" online. One of the ways to keep our Pastoral Search Committee moving is to not allow this time to simply go unused, so we have encouraged our current primary candidate to communicate with us. This will allow us an opportunity to get to know Pastor Wilson Bever and his wife Baricia who goes by Bree.

Our plan is to have the Bever family join us as soon as we can once the quarantine is lifted and it is deemed safe. However, in order to not limit this mutual orientation we will be posting updates on this site.

If you have any comments or questions please direct them to Pastor Emilio or Elder Harry Symons.

If you're interested in listening to other sermons preached by Pastor Bever click button below.

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