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Pastor Emilio and Wanda joined Berachah Church as members in 2012 while he was serving as the Vice-President of National Programs for Esperanza in Philadelphia. He later agreed to serve as our interim pastor in late 2013 and in December 2015 he transitioned to be our full time pastor.


Pastor Emilio has a varied background of experience in ministry, non-profit management, community outreach, and government service. He is ordained by American Baptist Churches and holds a Doctor of Ministry from Claremont School of Theology in California and a Masters of Divinity from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.


Pastor Emilio has a vision to move Berachah Church to be an active agent in its surrounding community that not only serves the community but also reflects it in its composition. We believe in the authority of scripture and hold fasts to its authority in our lives as we seek to be students of scripture and disciple makers of new believers. We desire to be active, well founded on scripture and blatant of God’s love in our lives.


Pastor Emilio served as the Vice-President of National Programs for Esperanza, the largest Hispanic faith based nonprofit in the USA, where he oversaw national outreach, managed multiple federal & private grants and projects impacting the Hispanic community in partnership with local churches and agencies in their communities. Esperanza sponsored the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference in Washington DC. In this capacity Pastor Emilio interfaced with Senators and Congressmen on behalf of Esperanza.


Prior to his service at Esperanza Pastor Emilio served thirty-two years in the military. He began as a U.S. Marine and in his third year of service completed the requirements to be commissioned as a Navy Chaplain. He rose up the ranks and achieved the rank of Navy Captain. He served on ship, with U.S. Marines in combat, expeditionary services and overseas to include Desert Storm, two full tours in Iraq and many follow-up visits with Navy Expeditionary teams to Iraq.  He retired in 2012 with 3 Legion of Merit medals, a Bronze Star and numerous other personal awards.


Pastor Emilio was personally responsible with saving the ancient site of Babylon in Al Hila, Iraq from being looted and stripped of treasures. He was appointed the Mayor of the Ancient site of Babylon for five months where he oversaw its refurbishment and return to local Iraqi authorities. Ancient Babylon is the ancient site of Nebuchadnezzar’s palaces, Ishtar Gate, ancient city of Babylon, the foundation for the believed Babel Tower and Alexander the Great’s Coliseum in Babylon. He authored "A Quiet Reality: A Chaplain's Journey with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in Iraq."


Pastor Emilio has served nationally as the Chairman, Board of Directors for Evangelical Environmental Network where he represented their concerns and advocated to the EPA, Governor of Pennsylvania, and in an Executive Council in the White House. Today he serves as Vice President for the Board of Directors, Christian Charities USA, Eastern University & Esperanza College Council, a Board Member for Esperanza, and a member of Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia. Pastor Emilio often speaks at the Freedom Foundation in Phoenixville, PA for an Educator’s forum, provides counsel to pastors and churches on capacity building and strategic thinking in the church in both Spanish and English.

Pastor Emilio has been married to Wanda for over 37 years. She is active in ministry, recently earned her Masters in Divinity from Cairn University, leads women retreats and conferences. They have 2 biological children and a foster daughter. They enjoy 10 grandchildren.

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