Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a Christian church?

Yes! We are an independent, nondenominational evangelical church. This means that while we interact with other churches we are not part of any denomination, network or other larger group that exercises control over our church. The members of the church directly represent and dictate our directions and policies. You can find what we believe under the menu tab "About Us" and see who we are.

What time is church?

Sunday mornings are our big day ... * Sunday school classes begin at 9:30 am * Our worship service begins at 10:30 am Visit "This Week At Berachah Church" under the Events tab in our menu for updated details.

I'd like to volunteer, do I have to be a member?

If you'd like to volunteer for one of our special events like the annual flea market, car show or to work in the Food Pantry you do not need to be a member of the church. However we do have a form that you must complete acknowledging our policies and standards of operations. If you are to volunteer with children you will be required to pass all PA background criminal and child abuse checks before working with the children. You will also have to adhere to other rules like never being alone with children. If your volunteering ever leads to having to answer spiritual or moral questions of our faith, church or practices we ask that all non-member volunteers refer all of these questions and conversations to a member of the church or activity leader.

Is anyone not welcomed in the church?

The church is not a public building nor is the lot. Private Property rules apply. However, anyone who wishes to hear or participate in what we consider to be "Biblical teachings" from the scriptures and seek a relationship with God, you are very welcomed to attend. Even if you don't agree with us, you are welcomed to attend to hear what we teach and what we have to offer but please be respectful of our service. Private conversations for further discussion are encouraged. If you'd like to eventually become a member of this church then you would have to be in agreement with our doctrinal positions and willing to submit yourself to the authority of these teachings.

May I stop by to request financial assistance?

We are dedicated to helping the poor and doing what we can. We as a church support a broad approach to helping through our Food Pantry. Anyone who is in need is welcomed to visit our Food Pantry on Thursday mornings at 9:30 am for groceries or on Friday mornings at 10am for fresh produce. We do not have the resources to assist the general public with cash issues. We do not offer cash benevolence to the general public.

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