Berachah Church was founded on May 13, 1912 by Pastor O. R. Palmer who had a real desire to preach the Gospel message to everyone. Berachah is a Hebrew word that means "blessing." It derives from an Old Testament story when God delivered the Israelites from 3 countries who declared war on Judah as depicted in 2 Chronicles 20:26. The Valley of Berachah or the Valley of Blessing was the place where God delivered them to victory.

We pray that we can be a refreshing Valley of Blessing in your life. We invite you journey with us as you come to church to be closer to God, to discover God's will in your life and to be relieved of the ongoing struggles that threaten you daily. We hope we can be a community of disciples that can come alongside and encourage you through discipleship, worship and fellowship.

Where the Bible, Family and Community Meet

Berachah Church


400 Ashbourne Road

Cheltenham, PA 19012



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